SpeedFeed - How it works




THE Printer

The SpeedFeed Virtual Printer works just like an ordinary printer driver, but instead of printing an invoice on paper it sends the invoice to the SpeedFeed Server.

The SpeedFeed Virtual Printer is easily installed on any PC or Mac with Windows or OSX and works with all billing systems, regardless of the version. Even the smallest business can use SpeedFeed to send their electronic invoice data to their bank or factoring company.

THE Server

The SpeedFeed Server converts your clients’ invoices into one single machine readable file and sends it to you. The SpeedFeed Server runs real time validations and controls to ensure you get complete and correct invoice data from your clients. This increases the data quality and minimises manual error handling. It also provides you with a searchable original invoice archive including all related attachments for better control over all transactions and debtor relations.

The SpeedFeed Server is built to provide the same security level as a bank and all data is fully encrypted.



  1. Invoicing: the client creates invoices using their usual invoicing software.
  2. SpeedFeed Printer: instead of printing invoices to the local printer the client prints all invoices to the SpeedFeed Virtual Printer.
  3. SpeedFeed Server: your clients’ invoices are parsed and validated. All data is collated into an intermediate file format.
  4. One Single File Format: the intermediate file is securely sent to you. PDF versions of the clients’ original invoices are available through the SpeedFeed user interface, or can be sent together with the intermediate file.
  5. Automation: You upload the intermediate file into your factoring system.

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