Connect Your Clients

Searchable PDF invoice archive

Find and view any original client invoice with attachments in seconds

Super-quick client onboarding

Supports all client ERPs and billing softwares. No client system integration work needed whatsoever. Our support team helps your clients get started.

Captures client invoices electronically

With automatic data extraction. Eliminates manual input. No double entry of invoices.

Assignment Process control

Assures correct assignment text on all client invoices and helps you control legal compliance.

No extra work for clients

Easy printing to a virtual cloud printer instead of to the local printer. No double entry of invoices.

Data validation & debtor details enrichment

Assures all necessary data are correct and complete.

SpeedFeed is suitable for:

  • Factoring & Invoice Finance companies
  • Banks & Debt Collectors
  • Credit insurance companies, invoice printing and invoicing service agencies
  • Any organisation that receives large amounts of invoice information

Benefits for clients

  • Save time - no more data entry
  • Effortless set-up - SpeedFeed works with all invoicing software
  • Easy to use - clients maintain their usual invoicing routine
  • Fuss free - no need to export files
  • Support is on hand - our team handles all setup issues
  • Quicker access to funding

Benefits for banks and factors

  • Allows you to effectively service small and medium enterprises
  • Eliminates the potential for errors and omissions
  • Parses invoices, validates and enhances data quality
  • Add payment references and other key details in SpeedFeed to get better matching of payments-in
  • Better control over transfers and assignments
  • Quick and easy to install = faster client onboarding

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